We have been in Maui a whole week now. Kay and Peter left on saturday. They are leaving for Italy….well actually they have already departed for Italy. Their friend is doing a house exchange with an Italian family. The house is an old castle like place up in the hills.

It has been fantastic having Kandra help us out with Ryden while on vacation. The trip has been so much more relaxing than last year. Mind you I am also feeling well and my thyroid problem appears to be almost completely gone. I am glad that I put together a schedule so that Kandra knows when she is working and when she has time off. I also set it up so that we rotate those tough early morning shifts around between the three of us.

Went surfing last week with Daniela’s daughter Kendle. I caught a bunch of waves. Daniela kept saying how impressed she was. I am borrowing a very sticky softtop board. It’s perfect.