Ryden has been great. I am glad we got out of rainy dark Seattle for a break. Zander has been so sick and before that working so darn hard.

We visited my family up in Sonoma. Mom and Beth arranged for us to stay at the Maihlos just down the street. They are in Florida. We’ve stayed there once before. Beautiful house, though not our style.
Zander was still sick on and off for most of our stay there. Tim and his kids were there. They are very well behaved and even enjoyable to hang out with. We went for a great hike in the hills and got silly making movie and commercial analogies…mostly Matt and Tim were the stars. We laughed so much I thought we ought to come back the next day to reset the stage for their funny performances and video it, but we never got to. At one point Tim took his shirt off and tied it around his waist and then he was on this hilltop and he started twirling around with his head tilted up and started singing that Sound of Music tune. Priceless.

The nights down here are beautiful too. In Sonoma and in Carmel it is so dark. No street lights on George Ranch and no street lights in Carmel. Pitch black. You look up and through all the oak trees and pine trees you see so many stars. One night in Carmel I went out for a jog and didn’t realize I would need a flashlight. I almost went back to the house. I couldn’t walk forward with any confidence. It was a weird feeling. I was afraid I might trip and fall, but I carefully stepped forward and every few houses there was a porch light that illuminated just enough that I could go further. I couldn’t jog, but I walked until I found an alley through some houses that led to the winding sandy path that leads to openings down to the beach. Once on the beach I could jog easily as the sand is so white you can see any contrast, any rock or pile of seaweed in front of you. The wind was strong and it felt amazing. So amazing. A little scary, but I didn’t run in to anyone. No one was as crazy as I was to be on the beach I guess. It is a wonderful feeling.
I am definitely feeling more healthy. I can exercise and don’t have to rest during the day as much. I got my blood test results back and am still low in iron. So I just need to be better about taking iron supplements twice a day.